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As Co-Founder of INKreMental Studios, I have created and published Independant Comics such as Spring River Wild (with co-founder and writer, Aric Mitchell), and anthologies Pangea (feat. Mandy and Adam Wilkinson, Michael Barr, and Aric Mitchell) and Refrigerator Door.  I've designed breastfeeding graphics for MSU, tattoos, T-shirts, memorial stone etchings, children's books, and much much more.   I'm currently inking for Creature Entertainment and Shot in the Dark Comics, more samples to come soon, so stay tuned! 

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Bay City's own D'Angelo's Pizza!   
1305 Colombus Ave. Bay City, MI
KenLeinaar is a freelance Comic Artist interested in Freelance Jobs.
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BY POPULAR DEMAND!  Below are links to the websites or pages where you can order my published works.  Thanks to everyone who's been following my artwork, and supports my comics.  I also have various books and individual commissions I've been a part of, so feel free to browse my site to see what else I've been up to!  

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Coming Soon!
Legends Of Log
Spring River WILD
From Blood #2
Global Defense Force
I am currently the resident graphic artist for 2 major businesses:  D'Angelo's Pizza and ACTZ Cosmetics!  Click on the picture for more about these great companies!
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